Bureau of Finance

The Bureau of Finance in Yangling Demonstration Zone was established in July 1997 as one of the economic comprehensive management departments of the administrative Committee to perform the municipal-level functions like financial revenue and expenditure management, fiscal and taxation policies and financial regulation formulation, accounting management, macroeconomic regulation, control and supervision of the national economy, and guidance to the finance work of the Yangling district.

The Finance Bureau honestly follow staffing principle of “controlled agency for limitless service”and posting setting of“one staff for multiple posts and one post for multiple duties”advocated by the Administrative Committee and currently has 23 members and two public institutions, the Agricultural Development Office and the Accounting Service Center.

Since its establishment in 1997, supported by superior agencies and cooperated by relevant institutions, the bureau has taken reform, development and innovation as the guiding theories of work,followed the development strategies of the demonstration zone to actively raise the revenue through multiple channels, cultivate financial resources, strengthen financial management, optimize expenditures structure, continuously deepen fiscal and taxation reform, innovate and advance with the times, and effectively guarantee the rapid, sustained, healthy and coordinated economic and social development in the demonstration zone.

In the past few years, the finance bureau harvested both in clean government construction and spiritual civilization and was appraised as advanced unit, advanced party organization, and advanced unit in spiritual civilization construction. Many staff were awarded as excellent workers by the provincial and demonstration zone governments. Current merits will encourage further progress. Under the leadership of the CPC Working Committee and Administrative Committee of Yangling and the Provincial Bureau of Finance and the support and cooperation from the relevant departments, the Bureau of Finance will continue to deepen the fiscal reform, optimize the revenue and expenditure structure, strengthen the fiscal function and supervision, fully undertake various financial tasks to provide strong support and guarantee for the economic and social development of the demonstration zone.

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